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Hi, what TV Tuner do you recommend for a 4gb RAM PC, with Vista Ultimate 64bits, with good support and, without a doubt, the Tuner has Vista 64 support, MCE support, 16:9 function , if possible radio and digital tuner too (isn't Europe going to change in the next 2 years?!), eventually dual tuner
With these characteristics and Vista 64 compatible i was recommended with one of these models. Can somebody give me one opinion on them?:

-PCTV Asus My Cinema PE6100 PCI-E
-PCTV PowerColor PCI Hybrid ATI TV Wonder 650
-PCTV Asus FM My Cinema PS3-100 Hybrid

I am thinking in choosing between the 2 and 3rd choice

Thanks and regards
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  1. i use hapauge
  2. I have Hauppauge hvr-1600 - Fair but not as good as My old ATI AIW's
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