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Hello,i found a 320gb hard drive in a skip and tried it in my computer nec l1040 with intel e4500,vista o/s,sata, it worked great until i scanned it with microsoft essentials,when i came back and checked the results of the scan which was ok,i noticed the hard drive was missing,i checked the bios and it wasnt there either.the device manager says its working ok? i put my original hard drive (slave)back and everything was back to normal.do i throw it back in the skip or can i fix it? i like to keep this stuff out of the landfill if i can.
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  1. Do you see the drive if you run the Disk Management applet in Administrative tools?
  2. If the BIOS can't see it, nothing else can. Are you sure it's gone from there?
  3. Virus or bad main boot sector?

    You may try some tool to rebuild MBR.

    useful resource: rebuild mbr tools:


    Data recovery tool:
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