Looking for a external Video Card for Laptop/computer for Warhammer.

Ok i Have a sight Graphic card problem for warhammer. Now i was looking at external Graphic Cards for i can change from computer to laptop depending where i am. Any one know a good external Graphic Card for warhammer?
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  1. What's the specs.

    And really, no external solution is worth it except for the Fujitsu/ATi one, most likely you're be better off selling your current laptop and buying a value gamer like the Gateway with the GF8800M GTS, etc.

    This is probably one of your few options available;
  2. So i just had my laptop video card go out in my gateway laptop. Can i use an external video card to fix this problem. If so which one?
  3. What model laptop, and what are you expecting it to do/handle?
  4. md 680 i just want my computer to start working again.... so i can just do homework currently the monitor just blinks to a black screen on and off. i tested it with a desktop monitor and it does the same thing. Any ideas?
  5. make that a m680
  6. BeJebus, I had a very similar one (on load right now, still in my profile).

    So for what you want to do, just basic functionality, a long-shot option would be to add a USB VGA connection.

    Do you get any video at all (BIOS boot screen, etc?)

    The problem will be recognizing it and navigating to enable it. It can be done but it's tough and everything has to work just right.

    Second option is to reote in from another computer via ethernet, USB or something else, and then use that monitor to explore your laptop.

    The third option is to fix it, which would invlve making sure you know the source for sure. If it's just the video chip/card, then it can be removed and replaced with an M10, M11 or a Quadro. I've only found the Quadro as a separate part online, but they're about $350 before taxes and shipping, so not worth it IMO, and then you have to hope was just the video daughterboard and not something else.
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