How much my computer's consumes power??

My comp spec:
Proc Core 2 Duo E6300
GA 965P DS3
RAM 2 GB @1 GB run at dual channel mode
TV Tuner PixelView on PCI slot
ATI HIS X1650 IceQ
PSU Sylverstone 500 W

Can anyone help me?? How much it consumes power??
Or any software that could calculate it??

THX a lot...
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  1. Here is a link to a power supply calculator:
  2. thx 4 the link...
    but still... I'm not sure 'bout the test...
    cause i want to change my VGA to HD 4870 or 4850...
    I'm afraid that my PSU isn't enough for that...

    Anyway, thanks a lot...
  3. Give more info abt the PSU u have...

    Generally the Silverstone PSUs have a solid build quality and 500W shuld be enuf to power the 4870...
  4. I run a Q6600 @3.6GHz with my HD4870 1GB on a corsair 520W. Depending on the rails the age and the specific model of the PSU, you could well be fine with it.
  5. My PSU:
    SilverStone model no. ST50F
    Strider series 500 W, Active PFC.
    Cooling System : Single 120mm low noise fan
    Noise level : 22 dBA minimum
    Weight : 1.80 kg
    MTBF : 100,000 hours at 25"C, full load.

    sorry 'bout asking many times... cause i'm afraid that if i buy a 4870 and it won't work, that would wasting money...

  6. I can't get on the silverstone website atm. http500! Looks to have slightly less on the 12v rails than the corsair though.

    2@17A vs 3@18A
  7. Using the jsc PSU calculator, I get:
    CPU: OC'd about 8 amps @ 12 volts - estimated, might be a little high here
    Video card: 5 amps at 12 volts
    Motherboard: 4 amps @ 5 volts, 1 amp @12 volts
    2 GB RAM: 3 amps @ 3.3 volts
    HD and DVD R/W: 3 amps @ 12 volts and 2 amps at 5 volts
    Fans: 1 amp @12 volts

    That's about 18 amps @12 volt (216 watts) and 40 to 50 watts at 5 and 3.3 volts.

    Most of these estimates are based on actual measurements.

    A 4850 pulls about 5 amps more than your original configuration. A 4870 pulls about 9 amps more than your original configuration.

    You should be OK. You won't have a lot of reserve capacity.
  8. wow... thanks 4 the info man...
    that's really help me out.

    anyway, what do u think, HIS HD 4850 or SAPPHIRE HD 4850 ???????
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