256MB NVIDIA GeForce 9300

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256MB NVIDIA GeForce 9300 work for Warhammer im investing into a new computer and the one i am looking at comes with that Graphics Card...
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  1. If it would, may not do very well. Keep in mind, even the 9400gt is a low end card. 9300 would be a step down from that. What's your budget, maybe we could help you put together a decent build for the money you would spend. I'm willing to bet you would get a lot better system and learn some things as well.
  2. well looking at HP's and looking to spend 700 800$. I am making a gaming comp cause alot of my friends are playing MMORPG's as of late. I played WoW and used a inspiron e1505 for like 3 years now and has been great to me but for what i am looking to start playing seems i have to upgrade.
  3. Oh yeah, post over in the homebuilt systems section about this question, sure you will get a lot of responses.

    But for example, here's what one guy was looking at for 400 bucks. For example, the 4670 video card he's looking at is fairly comparable to the 9600gt I use in my rig. Mind you I'm using my card with a 22 inch monitor. So if he can do that for 400 bucks, get some suggestions around here, we should be able to hook you up with a nice new build, plus a copy of Windows and lcd for that money you are wanting to spend. I am very certain you will be much happier.
  4. Ok that i will. Thanks for the help.
  5. NP man. I myself actually got into building because of games, my dad and I were upgrading the store bought systems, then we started buying parts and building. Now I'm actually a computer tech by trade, so who'd have thought a hobby turns into a career.
  6. I love gaming, have all the next gen systems. Also love mmorpgs and i got warhammer and then found out my laptop dose not have the right graphics card and then looked into and figuered hey just get a new comp.
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