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Hi I am trying to get my hp pavilion 700 to boot up all i get is a yellow light that stays on for 20 seconds and goes off no beeps but I did check the power supply fan and it runs I took the heat sink off and put my finger on the cpu to see if it gets hot ..it does is it the power supply or mother board thanks David
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  1. Look in the manual or on their website what the light means.
  2. Hum... The Pavilion 700 PSU has a really strange feature! There is a small plug for a fan (3 pin) that is plugged into this motherboard from the PSU.

    The Power Supply (PSU) died so I replaced it with a PSU that does not have this funky little MO plug- Now I can't get to the BIOs and the system doesn't see any of the IDE drives I've put in it!

    Can't find a keyword search to look into this issue either! Is that plug needed to power the Bios? I am very shy of plugging anything other than the Mulx and the ATX 20/24 pins into a MO!

    Please Advise : matt@northcarolinapcs.co m
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