Msi 790gx-g65 system cannot boot up

Hi i just bought the mobo and i have install it using the guide they have given and after i did evrything it cant boot :cry:
the power is on, the cpu fan is running and the APS led is lid but no all led-1 is not lid and no display the usb not working
when i on the power it just stay on i cant off it or reset it.

my spec:-

phenom 2 720 AM3
790gx-g65 mobo
xms3 corsair dual channel ram tw3x4g1333c9
cooloer master extreme power plus PSU 460w

pls tell me is there something that im missing... thanks
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  1. Any beeps?
    Try building outside the case with only power. motherboard and CPU.
    Listen for beeps as you add on to it.
  2. you too ^.
    well here is my story, on june-11-09 I bought this motherboard the msi 790GX G65 along with the new AMD 550 X2 cpu, and 4GB of G.skill DDR3 1333 ram from newegg,com.
    and installed everything according to the msi motherboard guide (and using only one stick of ram in dimm 1 slot for first start up) then I turn on the computer for the first time and it booted up fine, I got 1 beep sound on post, then the screen showed the msi logo, and after that it told me to put in the boot cd and restart the computer, but before I got the chance to put the Windows cd in the drive the computer suddenly shut off, it was on for about a minute.

    so when I turned the PC back on the second time, there was no beep sound, all the blue leds on the board were on and the cpu fan and case fans were running but no picture this time. I was using the onboard video.
    then I took the cpu heatsink off, and the cpu looked burnt, so I returned the msi board and the cpu to newegg and got it replaced with the same board and cpu. and guess what? I had the same problem again! and the second time I tried it with my brothers ati4870 video card and still no picture. but the AMD 550 cpu looks OK this time. so now I will be returning the msi board for a full refund, and will be getting the am3 Gigabyte 790XT board.

    also I will get the same cpu replaced since they said they only replace and not refund the cpu.

    my PSU is a corsair 650Watt and it works great, so I have no problems with not having enough power.

    I built 4 computers a few years back, all with Gigabyte boards and all 4 of them booted up first time and are still running good.
  3. in the manual... it starts 1 stick of ram in dimm slot 1 may be required for first time boot up/setup... also it states that the HDD and other Devices may need to be unplugged also... this should generate the "post" GL
  4. same problem for me: I bought this motherboard and built the PC as usual. It booted only once and then nothing !
    I changed it with the warranty, my retailer confirmed that the MoBo was out of order. I had to wait five weeks (!) for the exchange. And same kind of problem again: the computer worked fine during two days and suddenly refused to boot.
    I think that despite the good reviews on the web, this Mobo is simply not reliable....
  5. that sucks my 790 gd70 is working and a beast :)
  6. yeah...this board sucks...mines up and running 4 about a tweaking @ overclocking...same problem as ati7 above...a very hypocrite mobo...the reviews all a lie...MSI 790GX-G65 IS NOT A GOOD ME...i mean trust all of us in here...
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