Major Problem with X1900XT Crossfire

Ive been having this big problem with my cards for a while now. Before i was able to ignore it but now its getting bad.

Basically im running Duel X1900s In Crossfire every cable pushed in properly and connected correctly.

Now the problem is when i first turn on my computer about 75% of the time ill notice my Monitor start to go different colors. Such as blue tints yellow tints ect(tried 3 monitors, 2 CRTs and an LCD). But i also seen such problems that sometimes when i boot my Catalyst control center will pop up and say that crossfire cannot be enabled. (ill reboot and itll be fine) and other problems like my computer completely locking up and a static screen will appear as if it was a tv with no signal then reboot on its own after 3 seconds. (<--Very rare problem)

On a side note i tried to open ATI Tool (to make sure the core and mem speed were the same, even though the boxes say they are)and it only seen 1 even when the control center has crossfire enabled box open (should i only see 1 card?)

Ive tried updating my bios, drivers, used on both XP and Vista

Incase your wondering my setup is

Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe (XPress 3200)
ATI X1900XT Crossfire card
ATI X1900XT Sapphire Card
AMD X2 4200
2gb Kingston RAM
650W Thermaltake PSU

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Im no help, but having exact same problems with the same cards.
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