PC Freezing when trying to overclock Intel Q8300! Pls help!

Building a gaming system for my friend and I spent quite sometime in finding the parts, putting it together and overclocking the CPU & GPU's. GPU's oc lovely (as I anticipated them to). However when I try and OC the CPU the highest I can set the FSB frequency to is 1590 x 7.5 multiplier giving me 2.91ghzx4 but within minutes of booting into windows, the system freezes. The highest I can run the FSB frequency to is 1400 to where Prime95 & OCCT will run for at least 1 hr and the system not freeze. I'm totally stumped as to why this is happening but I know the good folks on tom's can always provide insight ;]. Here are the specs:
-MSI P7N Platinum Mobo
-Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300
-Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800mhz
-Galaxy GTS 250 512mb x 2 in SLI
-600W Coolermaster PSU
-Coolermaster Cooling system
-160gb Seagate Barracuda 7200.12
-2 WD Caviar Green 64mb 1.5tb

Again, thanks in advance to all those that post!
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  1. a 2.6GHz overclock does seem a bit low. What are your temperatures?
    Other components could be a problem. Try lowering their multipliers (such as the ram etc.)
  2. Remember, your RAM is tied to your FSB, so you're moving a couple things at once instead of just being able to raise a multiplier (like on your Phenom II). Like enzo said, your OC may be limited by something else.
  3. I suspect that your memory settings are all on AUTO which means that the memory is being overclocked past its ratings.

    Download CPUZ and check your FSB:RAM ratio. It should be 1:1. At a stock FSB freq of 266 MHz, your memory frequency should be at 266 MHz (the way CPUZ calculates it) and your memory clock should be at 533 MHz.

    With a core speed of 2.91 GHz, your FSB is 388 MHz. If your memory settings are on Auto, your memory clock is actually (388 MHz/266 MHz)*800 MHz or more than 1100 MHz.
  4. I set his memory timings to 4-3-4-10 @ 2.2v. I kept the rations 1:1 to where FSB = 1400 mem clock = 700. I'm going back to his house tomorrow to work on it some more. Hopefully it wants to behave this time around.
  5. Yep another classic where people forget to do some FSB and RAM ratios
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