All of my games are freezing/lagging Help please

Well where to start hmm.........
I bought all of my components last year around november or so off of newegg which i have done in the past with great results.I bought a brand new evga 8800gt standard edition,a asus motherboard model # m2n-vm-dvi to support my amd athalon 64 x2 6000+ processor.

Now when i first bought everything the system worked fine for the first 2 months or so and then out of the blue my games would start to freeze for about 7-10 seceonds at a time then fix itself.It seems to be happening pretty randomly.This happens with every single one of my games,even the low spec of duty series all of them,age of conan,world of warcraft,battlefield 2.I just can't seem to troubleshoot the problem.

I have tried numerous different setting in the bios,in windows,on my graphics card and it doesn't seem to be a setting or software.I tried updating and rolling back my bios and my videocard drivers multiple times.

When i read the reviews on my motherboard many people were having problems with the ethernet port dropping connection.That has not happened to me at all.It still lags even when i play single player call of duty and disable the ethernet port.

I have reseated the cpu 3 times now to make sure it was correct and the heatsink and thermal paste were on there correctly.

It's not overheating because my temps are normal
cpu no load=37-42
gpu no load=about 55 or so

cpu full load=47-50
gpu full load=60-65

it's getting pretty ridiculous now.I know i am going to need to buy a new component but i'm not sure where the problem lies.

amd athalon 64x2 6000+ 3.0Ghz 125 watt edition
asus motherboard m2n-vm-dvi
4 gigs 2x2 of gskill ddr2 800 pc2 6400 dual channel
standard evga 8800gt
antec 500 power supply

Please any insight would really help and if i'm forgetting something vital please let me know.
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  1. Do you have any whine or strange noises coming from your PSU? Have you checked your motherboard for leaky capacitors which could lead to instability?

    You should run memtest for more than an hour to make sure that it isn't the RAM. If the RAM is fine and everything else checks out it could just be you have a faulty windows installation. Easiest way out find out is to do a clean install and re-install your drivers and a game to test out. You could also try running a low spec game, like Quake II or the first Unreal Tournament, on the onboard video to see if it has the same problem since that would also point towards a bad installation. It's easy to have those kinds of problems because you have some virus, rootkit, or botched half assed copy protection (i.e. sony rootkit, SecureROM, StarForce) that messed up your stability. If you can, you may want to try your video card in another system since it's possible it could be going bad, but check the software side of things first before you start to panic.
  2. This sounds like a software issue. Are you using XP or Vista, or Win 7 beta? You should be using Win 7 in a VM if you do have it. Have you checked the requirements for these games? If they are capable of working in Vista, then you need DX10 hardware. Try uninstalling the games, and reinstalling them. You may have done that already. If something is not working/crashing, then its usually software. I see no other problems here. At worst you may need to reinstall your OS.
  3. Well i installed nvidia's ntune overclock program and underclocked my cpu from 3.0 to about 2.0 and have had no problems in left for dead so far.I'm still thinking it's hardware just for that reason but i can try re-installing xp tonight.

    Also no strange noises or leaking caps.I have run prime 95 once for about 4 hours and have absolutely no errors.I'm pretty sure prime 95 tests the memory too.
  4. Well now for what it's worth there does not seem to be any support for G-Skill ram in the QVL for that mobo,,that is only a list of WHAT they have tested that mobo with,,and your bios should be version 0201 ??.
    Given that you are not getting any hardware or software errors,I would suggest that you try a more powerful psu,,, and/or can you install/test your 8800gt in another system...:)
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