Probably not the right forum but cannot find anything that rings a bell.

Have had OPERA as my browser almost two years. Absolutely love it !!

In March I had what I found out was a new [to me] category of demon....
in "Scareware".
Simply vicious !!! :ouch:

Took a couple weeks to figure it out and finally get rid of it.

Balance of pooter runs like the wind fast & strong...as before...BUT
...ever since the Scareware was shot dead, Opera will not run.
I have ripped it out and reinstalled it.
Then sometimes it would install but not run.
Most times it will not even install.... it starts to install but then vanishes !!

I have tried 3 different versions; 1100~1110~ 1111.
They all act the same.

I have cleared everything pertaining to OPERA from my registry [with a reg cleaner] ALSO manually. Nothing seems to get OPERA.EXE to run.
It just sits there laughing at me.

Opera forum is of no help.
Currently running Firefox, IMO is same creature as IE both of which I do not care for.

Hoping someone can solve this mystery. I do so miss my Opera
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  1. Hmm... someone simply has to have had a similar issue..... once upon a time !!!
    This week I decided to add yet another 'browser' to my stable of duds....So I chose Google's CHROME.
    Believe it or not Google's CHROME installs... but will NOT start either !!!
    IE & Firefox work smooth as glass.... but neither OPERA v.10.63 nor 11.10 ~11.11 nor CHROME will run !!!
    I DID get OPERA 10.63, to come alive once in Safe Mode
    but then shutting it down, while still in Safe Mode, it would not activate again.
    Yes I have ripped out Firefox and started fresh with IE only, but no luck.... so Firefox is back online with IE.

    Such a mystery......

    Hope this triggers someones brain cells with an off the cuff idea, however small or crazy.
    It may trigger someone else to come up with a suitable thought.

    Don't care for Firefox ~ Chrome ~ nor IE.....
    If Opera was like the rest I wouldn't care a hill of beans...
    but she is totally different and I am addicted to her charms.

  2. Your problem is hidden in your machine and does not have symptoms that point to any established remedies.

    I suggest downloading and then running the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool as well as CCleaner, and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free.


    CCleaner: HERE

    Malwarebytes: HERE
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