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I have a problem overclocking my amd athlon ii x3 425 i go into bios and overclock it from 2.70 ghz to 2.91 ghz i exit the bios and boots into windows no problem but when restarting my computer i get a message saying "please resetting cpu frequency in cmos setup" i have a gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2P.

Thanks :)
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  1. Quick writer eh? You might want to quote that error message word for word. It would help us understand the error. I doubt the computer bios has such bad grammar ;)

    How did you overclock it? Did you just change the base clock? or did you change anything else?
  2. I have the same problem and in need of help, the message thats pop in the start of bios is, "warning! now the system is in safe mode, please re-setting cpu frequency in the cmos setup". I can overclock from de 2.7 to aproximate 2.8 fixing the multiplicator in 13.5 and higher the northbrigde multiplicator and the reference clock in 207, and later this, theres poping this message. Theres a possibility to the frequency of the ram limiting the OC? or the main board? My system MOBO is the same of the member that created the thread, a m61pme-s2p. Sorry for my "engrish" and thanx :sol:
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