Quietest fan for LGA 775?

Can anyone help, there are few decibal/sone noise benchmarks out there for the different cpu fans available. I have a MSI neo 965 motherboard (lga 775) and wanted to know what the quietest fan available is for my CPU.

By the way I have already tried the Freezer 7 Pro - 28dB (and standrd Intel stock cooler fan - 36dB). I need something quieter, ideally from as I have vouchers for them!

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Many people rate scythe for their fans...
  2. mi1ez said:
    Many people rate scythe for their fans...

    hi mi1ez, thanks, but rate in what sense? noise? temperature? im specifically looking for a quiet quiet fan, thats not going to toast my cpu, the intel stock cooler fan keeps my cpu at 60 degrees C but its too loud and the freezer7pro keeps it about 40-50 degrees C and its not much quieter. scythe are quiet? any particular model?
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    noise mainly. I can't remember off the top of my head what the model was. possibly ninja (would certainly suggest quiet!) I'll take a look what i can find
  4. Try looking at some of these. the gentle typhoon seems pretty quiet.
  5. Thanks so much! yeh the ninja seems on amazon... ill check the typhoon out 2, great thanks so much for ur help!
  6. should tell you all you need to know
  7. thanks 2 frostytech
  8. thanks 2 *for* frostytech, karynor!
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