Best air CPU cooler for AM3 socket in HAF 922 mid tower case

I'm tynig to do my first build and had a question about what everyone thought about a good CPU cooler for AM3 socket in a midtower case (the one i'm getting is the HAF 922). I'm not sure about all the dimensions So i'm not sure which is a good one that is easy to use and will fit in the case.. If there are any suggestions I would be greatful to hear them. Not sure my motherboard has any impact but if it does.. it's the ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3. Thanks in advance
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  1. use the search function before you post, or even just read through some of the posts already here on the first page, there are already too many posts about "best coolers", pointless to start another debate.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    U can see here the best CPU coolers for AMD.

    Now, if u only want a mid OC, a very good cooler option in price/performance is the Hyper212+
  3. Thanks guys for replying... Sorry Arterius2 if it sounded redundant... but i had read the links of the ones you applied there even beofre I posted, but most spoke of an AM3 socket CPU sooler in genereal.. but my more detailed question was more size and fit for my case (HAF 922 in specific) but even an answer about MID-tower cases would be good. It's pointless to buy an awesome cooler and it's sticking out a mile out of the case. So sorry if it seemed redundant, but i tried hunting that answer in the treads and on other online sites.... Thanks for the replies anyways
  4. Thanks also Saint19.... I did check out the frosty tech before.. and saw there top 10 before... but since i'm a noob.. and this is my first build.. it's hard for me to judge about the size... since i'm using a mid tower case.. I've seen some of the videos of these and a lot of them are MAMMOTH in size.. making me hesitant to get some of them and then realize that it won't find in my case... I'll check out the Hyper212+. Again thanks...
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    The HAF 922 is a beast. I'd wager that you could fit any current monster HSF in that case without space being an issue. You're likely to be more limited by the location of DIMM slots and such on your motherboard than the case.

    I'm a budget buyer, so I'm on the Hyper 212 Plus bandwagon simply for price / performance. For high end / high cost coolers, you'd be best off checking reviews and other threads that have been posted on this topic.

    I do have a buddy that swears by the Corsair H50 and has one installed in a HAF 922 case. By my understanding, no modding was necessary to mount the radiator in the case at all.
  6. Hey Cookies.. That's a great answer.. I really appreciate it. I'm more like you with being a budget buyer and did look at the Hyper 212+.... The case is a chunky one which is good for space.. but just wasnt sure.. I REALLY appreciate it.. I'll look into that one and the Corsair H50 that your buddy used... thanks again
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  8. No problem, glad it helped!
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