HP Slimline s7210n video issues on windows 7 not XP

First time posting on this forum however I have been reading threads for years to solve issues. Moderators feel free to move this to a more appropriate forum section if this is not the best area for it.

So I bought an HP s7210n slimline PC off Kijiji for 100$ not expecting too much out of it just something to mess around with, looked neat beacause its so compact. The issue is after installing windows 7 when I try to play an AVI or similar video file it stutters really bad as If the gpu and graphics chip but that shouldnt be the case because when I first got it booted up windows XP and played files fine. It was originally 512 mb of ram and I was able to install windows 7 on that (I have installed on several computers with only .5 GB and had no real issues). Today I got a 1 GB stick of DDR hoping it would solve the issue but it didnt. What im thinking now is it is a driver issue. HP only realeases drivers for XP and the driver is for an intel GMA 900 chip but it seemed to install fine on Windows 7. At first the display adapter showed up in the device manager as a standard vga graphics adapter as it usually is before drivers are installed now its showing up as an intel GMA display adapter.

Im thinking theres got to be someway to run windows 7 on this and play video, I do not want to go back to XP because frankly I find it too old now and run into too many headaches working between the 2 operating systems on various computers. Also win 7 works better with my android phone and other devices and also becuase my 2 TB hard drive is one of those GPT paritions which I cannot read on 32 bit XP. Also reverting to XP is currently impossible because I have not been able to get the option to boot from DVD or CD with this wretched system I bought for fun which is no headaches.

windows 7 ultimate 32 bit
1.40 Ghz intel celeron
1 gb ddr2
500 gb hard drive
intel graphcis media accelerator 900

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  1. get your codecs under control, it is likely the culprit. Try using VLC player if you are not already.
  2. Currently not using any codecs, I always use VLC so I dont have to bother with codecs or do you think maybe I do need some codecs such as K-lite with this particular system?
  3. Ok so I have had a bit of headway after installing a realtek driver appears to have helped, it also could have been the chipset driver. Without the intel gma 900 drivers for XP the video plays good with normal playback rate but is really pixelated and low quality. If I install the the intel graphics media accelerator 900 drivers the video sharpens but now I get a vertical yellow bar down the near centre of the screen and a bit of the yellow bar along the bottom.

    After looking deeper it appears that other ppl are having this issue, it appears it is due to trying to run the intel gma 900 chip on windows 7. It does not meet the minimum requirements for windows aero, however I am running the OS fine right now besides video playback so I am not convinced this is impossible.
  4. Did you try disabling aero? Also in VLC in the advanced section of Video, there are options to change the display mode. It may be that it cleans up when you change the display mode. This is a common problem for my machines that remote desktop to other machines for media playback for some reason.
  5. W7 will kill that spec of pc unless you switch off the eye candy.

    Stick to XP, install K-Lite mega codec pack and you should be good.
  6. I disagree, I have 1.6ghz celeron 430 chips in hundreds of PCs running win 7 64bit, with 1 gig RAM also. Certainly it is slow, but it functions just fine with aero turned off.

    Control Panel\System and Security\System - go to advanced system settings. From, select the Advanced tab, then click the Settings tab next to Performance. Click Adjust for best performance, then click OK. You may need to select a different Theme in the theme manager as well.
  7. I had allready tryed adjusting the visual effects for best performance doesnt seem to make a difference the main yellow bar is still there. A pretty handy tool for installing 7 on older systems, I rarely would have all the check marks checked in there.

    I was thinkin...I have a pci slot in this little bugger I am considering putting a older graphics card from when they still made some for strait up PCI, as long as its PCI the board supports it and the gpu supports windows 7 for sure it could be good.

    On the other hand I might go in another direction go back to XP and try this out as a server for my 2tb media drive, downstairs by the router. Sometimes I shut my main system off and the roomates bitch about not being able to access my drive haha
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