Fake Window Security Virus now computer won't restart!

I stupidly ran the fake antispyware virus and I can't get the computer into Safe Mode, I can't even get it to restart! It'll get to the start up where I can chose "safe mode", "safe mode with networking" etc "start normally". Whichever I chose,it restarts to the same screen. over and over and over. It won't start Windows so that I can run any real Malware programs to get it off!! HELP!!!
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  1. Do you have a boot disk, or do you have a special recovery mode? If you do, you can access System Restore. System Restore your way out, and remember to remove those restore points later, and create a new one IF it removes the infection.

    If else fails, go to Bleeping Computer or MalwareBytes forums to get expert support. They may take a while to respond though.
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