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My friend just got a brand new system from IBP, and I've been helping him get it set up and running. He chose to not have Windows installed because he has a copy of it and was going to install it himself.

When he boot up his PC, he got the message "boot disk failure, insert system disk and press enter". I checked the bios and everything was recognized, so that wasn't the issue. The boot priority had CD-ROM #1, Hard Disk #2 and #3 and #4 were disabled. After this I put the Windows CD in and got the same message as before.

I read a few forums posts that said the connection might have come lose in shipping, but everything seemed in place and nothing was lose.. still got that message. I'm thinking it could be a faulty IDE cable from his cd-rom drive.. but I don't know..

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. You might want to make sure that your cdrom/dvdrom drive is connected and detected in the bios. Go to the bios menu and make sure that the computer detect it. If it is, make sure that your copy of windows xp is bootable. You might want to try to boot it up in another computer.
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