P5Q issues installing new Yorkfield quad extreme

Guys, here is my issue.

I have an asus p5q MB. It works just fine with my qx6700. I got a new yorkfield qx9750. Now, the only way i can get it to boot is to reset the CMOS every bootup. If i dont reset the cmos the cpu just powers down after 2 seconds.

This is my 2nd chip so i know the issue is not the chip.

In bios i get an error messege:
The CPU Core to BUS ratio or VId config has filed. Enter bios to configure it.

Im not sure what to do. I am a bios rookie.

the chip's FSB is 1333 if that helps

my ram is supertalent 4 1gig sticks matched.

I did notice that my ram that usually runs at 5-5-5-15 is now at 5-5-5-18 when i look at it in bios with the new chip.

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  1. Hmm...Make sure to reset the BIOS and save the settings (duh?). It sounds like a FSB/timing issue.
  2. it seems i need to make some sort of change in the bios but i am not sure what to change and how
  3. You need Bios 0205 or later according to Asus web-site. Is that what you have?

    I take that back.
    Go the the Asus web-site and search your exact motherboard/CPU support.
    There are many P5Q motherboards and Bios are not the same for all.
  4. Well my Chip will not be on any support list for any MB since they dont even know the chip exists. This chip was never released but it works in any MB that will take the qx9650 and qx9770

    I fixed the issue. I reset the cmos so that i can get it to boot to bios. then i changed the freq to mb ratio from auto to 5.9. I chose 5.9 cause i saw somewhere else in the bios that my raito was set to 5.9. after i did this, everything works just fine now. on issues.

    thanks guys
  5. Read some OC guide and take the hell out of this QX !

    Your Gemin2 can take it to 4.0GHZ without real issue. You have cheap RAM. Just make yourself a favor and buy some NICE 1066 ram to follow this QX.

    Also. if you read those OC guide. youll know what to do if you have this kind of problem in the futur. Youll know what your FSB - TIMING and everything you need to know are.

    Have fun !

    (if you dont want to OC this beast, ill Buy a Q9650 for you VS this QX ;) )
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