Multiplier dropping from 20x to 12x after warning


I have my 955BE OC to 4.0ghz stable but since i am getting some strange message in windows (warning: your cpu fan doesn't work properly. you must turn off your system right now and check it!), and it apperas my cpu multiplier drops to 16x(stock), i've done the OC via BIOS.
i would like to know how to stop this issue....
my cool'n'quiet is disabled, in windows 7 the system is configured to performance, not power saving.
my smart q-fan control is enable, the noise when the fans are in full speed is to much for me.
can it be the smart q-fan responsable?

PhII 955
m4a785td-v evo
ocz modxstream 500w psu
markvision 2x2gb 1333mhz@1600 (9-9-9-24-33)
zotac 9800GT

thanks guys
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  1. It could be your q-fan or it could be your overclocking. Try running at 3.8 and see if problem persists. I've experienced the same thing with my Core 2 Duo in the past. I had it running at 3.8GHz stable for a few weeks. One day, I returned home, powered on, BIOS told me something about PC crashing due to overclocking and FSB dropped to 233 (default).
  2. First thing to check is your temperatures. The system could be downclocking itself to protect from overheating.
  3. My temperatures as just fine, it idles in 36 and loads at 58
    i've tried 3.8 but over night i still get the same warning massage and downclocks to 3.2.
    I think i'll need to make a fan controller to lower the noise, instead of using the smart-q fan, for doing so.

    Alikum what did you do to solve your problem?

    thanks both of you
  4. can any1 help me?
    does any1 know where do i disactivate this message? is it from windows? or from asus motherboard?
    plz help
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