P5Q Pro - What sort of connector is this?

I'm installing my P5Q Pro board - my first build in several years. The motherboard comes with a connector that sits in one of the back slots (where a card would be) and it has an SATA connector on it, along with some funny other connector. The other end of the connector looks like it's a USB, but it's not labeled, and this whole doohickey looks nothing like any of the similar ones mentioned in the manual.

So before I go stuffing this into a USB connector on the motherboard, I wanted to make sure.

Here's a pic of the thing:

EDIT: UGH! Never mind. Once I posted the pic, I noticed the writing. Went over to the PC and it says "Fire Wire", which is (I think) 1394. Problem is, I'm already using the 1394 connector on the board for the front panel FW plug. Guess I can leave this one disconnected then.

In my defense, I had an eye exam today, and yes, I do need glasses!

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  1. LOL :) Is that what that says?
  2. Sure is.
  3. If you want to have a Firewire port at the rear panel,
    you can buy a cheap PCI adapter that should allow
    you to connect the internal cable to that adapter.

    Double-check the connections to make sure they
    are compatible.

    Some adapters use a pin header, and others use
    a standard Firewire socket.

  4. Thanks, but I don't have a single Firewire device, so I don't even use the one port I have now!
  5. they got Firewire Surfboards, too.


    Epoxy resin construction, i think.

    back to computer Firewire - there's different sizes. I would think they would have different names. Firewire, 1394A, 1394B. It's hard to keep up.
  6. The one you got on the back is alot more popular then the one on the case.
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