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I'm looking to buy a new card for my rig. I'm debating between the gtx 280, 285, or 295. I have e6850 core 2 duo running stock speeds. I had two 8800gtx in SLI, but they were running so hot I got rid of them. So looking for best soluton to game at 1920x1080. Monitor is 37' westinghouse LCD.

thanks for any input!!! I'm open to any suggestions... even if it is another sli setup. I would like to stay under $500 give or take
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  1. For that res,either GTX 295 or HD 4870X2 would be good.
  2. I've never had any experience with the ATI line of cards. Will the 4870x2 do just as well as the Nvidia cards?

    P7N Diamond
    4gb Hyper X at 800
    750 pcpower and cooling psu
    Raptor HD 150gb
    coming from 8800gtx sli
  3. I would vote for the GTX 295, HOWEVER, you will want to research this and see which performs better in which games. They seem to trade punches depending on what title you are testing. ALSO, I've seen reviews where the 295 does better in Vista and the 4870x2 does better in XP in the same title.

    The Nvidia's favor the new i7 CPU's which is what you see used in alot of the test systems used for the benchmarks. So it might be difficult to actually tell which will run better in your system.

    I would tend to lean to the 295, it's new and seems to do better than the x2 in most games in Vista. Which I would think is what you are running... I hope.
  4. I agree^

    Your best bet would be to wait and see what comes out (information wise) and you'll see prices fluctuate as well witht he 285 GTX single GPU crown coming out.
  5. What about 9800GTX+? I think it'll be o.k
  6. card is long gone, lol your better off buying the 260 GTX old if youc an find it, which can be found for under 200$ if thats the card of choice.

    I'd say wait a little bit and see how performances tally up
  7. This isn't a suggestion for a card but rather so you can look at some of the latest benchmarks using different high end cards at high resolutions. Happy hunting.

  8. I was thinking about the GTX 285 tomorrow.. Guess I'll wait and see how they stack up.. Thanks for all the suggestions...
  9. I went with GTX 285.. Thanks for all suggestions.. this thread can be closed
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