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GA-X38-DS4 what ram should i get

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May 2, 2009 1:09:26 AM

Right now I have the default 4gigs (4x1GB) Kingston RAM and it all works perfectly fine, no OC'ing or anything like that.

But, now I am wanting to finally fill this mobo with the max of 8gigs and so far have not found
anyone anywhere that can varify if the ram I am looking at will really work or not with this board?

This is the mobo I have, GIGABYTE GA-X38-DS4:

So, will this RAM work on this mobo?

I looked at the specs, and though I'm not exactly a pro at knowing what all them settings all mean or anything like that,
I do know that the memory matches, or seems to match up with the basic specs on the mobo, right?
I mean, it looks like it uses the same voltages and all.

I've tried and tried searching the net for forums, info, something, anything that would give me some decent guidence
about all this, but so far, this is the only place I really think I "may?" be able to actually get some real info from?
Or I sure hope so? LOL

So, if anyone knows for sure if this memory will work on this board, then please, let me know?
And if you know of better RAM that will still also work with this setup, then of course let me know about that too? :) :) 

More about : x38 ds4 ram

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May 2, 2009 6:17:45 AM

I can only throw in my vote that it SHOULD work, and if I was going to try it would be with that set.

The low voltage and timings make it a prime choice.
May 2, 2009 6:46:50 PM

Proximon, thanz a zillion for your input! :) 

That's really all I needed to hear, as I've asked in a different forum too, but it wasn't a forum on hardware, so was just going by some friends that felt like it should work.
So your input kinda cements the sale for me then :) 

I DO however, wished I really understood what all that timing stuff was about, cuz they always show the 4 numbers, but when I look at my BIOS to adjust settings and things, there are like 7 or so places that these numbers may be referring to, and I have no clue what each number stands for, as far as the settings go in the actual BIOS?

Not so much for this particular product, but more for my other computer that has NEVER been able to run the full 4 sticks of ram I bought for the thing, even though it's the same exact setup that someone else has made several systems with and theirs all works just fine.
So, my thoughts are that I just need to change some setting to maybe match what it says right on the stick of RAM, right?

And that RAm is OCZ with 2-3-2-5 numbers on it, just like you always see, but I still have no idea what each number refers to?

Thanx again and if you can point me to something that would explain what each number is, that'd be great?
Cuz I see memory timing, with only one number you can add, and there are CAS numbers, which I also have no idea what any of that means LOL
Then there is ROW precharge, ROW cycle time, ROW refresh cyc time, Read to Write time, Write Recovery time RAS to CAS delay... I think you get the idea LOL

I can't seem to ever find any sort of basic info as to what any of this means?

Thanx again and I'm gonna get that order placed now, even though I know NewEgg won't really process it till Monday, I'm not in a big rush, since I first need to reformat and install Vista 64bit and all before I can even be ready for the new RAM anyway and that'll take a couple od days with all the programs I have installed LOL :) 
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May 2, 2009 7:11:09 PM

Download and run CPU-Z

You'll find a tab that says SPD... this will list the various settings your RAM CAN run at.

Adjust your BIOS for one of those settings :)  If you want to know which settings to use, just ask.
May 2, 2009 8:36:18 PM

Oh!, ok, cool! Thanx!
I'll go find that right now and see what I see? :) 
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May 2, 2009 9:21:16 PM

Looks like some very good overclocking RAM. I have eight GBs of the G. Skill PC28000 1000MHz. in my X38. Easily runs at 1100MHz. or better if I set it there. You do realize the 1200MHz. kits you have listed will default to PC2 6400 800MHz. in BIOS. Manually setting the RAM to higher data transfer rates than 800Mhz. will be necessary. I would think G. Skill is good on their word the RAM is capable of 1200MHz. 5-5-5-15 @1.9v.
May 2, 2009 9:41:14 PM

That is one awesome little program! :) 

Where have I been, sheesh LOL :) 
May 3, 2009 12:40:56 AM

Yeah, I had read about that bit with the RAM really running at 800, but like you say, I think that I also read that you can adjust that to run at the spec they claim it can run at.

I just checked out the memory you have their and almost wanted to change my order, but since I'm already kinda liking how things look with what I chose so far, I think I'm gonna pay the extra and get it anyway, mainly for two reasons, the volts are closer to what my mobo ask for and also I think I like the, what looks to be a good cooling system on them sticks.

Gonna go ahead and place that order and be done with it I guess and cross my fingers that it'll all work out LOL

This all makes me wish I had enough loot to just build me a killer new system even better then the one I have right now which I really like :) 
But, I'm poor, so there ya go hehehe :) 
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May 3, 2009 3:19:20 AM

The RAM you chose looks great, has great specs and will get the chicks :lol:  . Good choice enjoy it.
May 3, 2009 6:00:51 AM

Thanx! :) 
I know it cost me a bit, but I think it'll pay for itself the first time I start things up and try and load a zillion polygons scene in Vue, LW or modo or something and won't have to worry about hitting any paging in the process :) 
I went and head and bought it, so it's all done and good now and my account is much lower, but enough for some food for the month still hahahaha
Tomorrow I'm gonna go ahead and start the installation of the Vista Ultimate 64bit, but really, I can't wait for the 5th to hurry and get here, cuz I've already been testing that Windows 7 64bit out on my other puter and I really love it. Works ten times faster and smoother and is far more managable to work with as far as work flow navigations go.
It really feels like it's what Vista was supposed to be in the first place, so, personally, I hope taht they later down the road here say that if you already paid for Vista then you should be able to get the W7 for free as an upgrade, like a SP2 or something? Really nice to work with, at least that's my own opinion, as I know there are plenty of people out there who hate anything past XP LOL
But, thats their problem and not mine.
I did a lot of stress testing with it and that wasn't even the RC1 version and it had nearly no bugs anywhere that I could find. I found a few minor, very minor bugs and reported them, but even those weren't truly serious enough to barely call a bug.
The best thing was, it seemed to be able to run practically all my programs just fine and lots of them even faster then my Vista 32bit on my main system and that other puter is only an AMD DualCore64. My newer system is a quad core and should smoke right through some of these heavy scenes I have that I work on.
They're giving out a one year free usage license of W7 too!
Even though I already would buy it right now if it was being sold, but it won't be for some time.

Soon, Badge, and Proximon, I'll have me a very nice, yet confortable system.

Chech out teh new case I bought to install everythign in, as I did have all this stuff crammed into a "mid-tower!!!" for some idiot reason I can't think of? LOL
Now, things run cool all the time, there's lots and lot's of room, easy to work on everything insdie and easy to clean out the dusties and mess with cables, wires any plugged in things... I love this case! And my PSU, it's a nice 750w with a 60amp Rail and some other great features that at first I was worried wouldn't live up to the hype in the ads, but it meets everything and more, performance wise :) 

Here's my current setup specs... which f course will be changing this week hehe:

780w Power supply
Gigabyte EX38-DS4
Vista Ultimate (32bit) 6.0.6001 SP1 Build 6001
BIOS Build: 1011.006
Intel QuadCore 2: Q6600 2.40ghz
Kingston 4GB (4 x 1GB) 1066
EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB KO ACS3
Display Driver: ForceWare 182.50
Maxtor 250GB, 120GB, 160GB, 500GB, 500GB, 1TB SATA HDs
2 LiteOn DVD RW DL 16x/48x Drives
Wacom3 6x8

Oh!, and a nice new Samsung 24" monitor wide screen... finally!!!! :) 
Soooo much modeling work space now, it's really strange having all this loads of extra space, coming from my old CRT 21" monitor.
Check out the new setup I have now, and yes, I can connect that second 19" LCD that a friend just gave me, cuz she upgraded to a 22" and didn't use the other one anymore, so hey, free is free!
I can use it in dual monitor mode and put all the menu panels and windows and other things that most of my programs have, over to that screen and really have loads of work space on the 24"!

Old setup:

New setup:

And yes, that's a Vue scene I made in the middle screen there :) 

And this was what I had everything crammed into before LOL

And the awesome new "roomy" case, with all my cables/wires all nice and zip-tied all organized: :)