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Hi, i recently purchased a HP DV4000(DV4275NR) at a good deal of 30$, it has a failing hard drive in it, the old hard drive is 100gb, and i was wondering what the max size i can put in it is, im just looking to fill it up with music and movies to take it to friends houses and play it on their TVs with a VGA cable.
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  1. Max size shouldn't be an issue, i.e. I think you could get away with 500GB+. Just ensure that you get a drive that has the same interface, i.e. SATA and is the same physical size.
  2. my dv4165 i just put a 120 gb hd in it and it works great! being yours is a 4000 series too i would bet it takes an ide hard drive and not serial ata. which would limit you max size to about 320gb i believe? you would think the older technology would be cheaper but they are not i had to pay $50 for 120 gb drive and i did a lot of shopping around on ebay, tiger direct, and newegg, and price watch and thats the best deal i could find. a 320gb serial ata can be had for that price. any way good luck!
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