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why do I get only 533Mhz on memory with 400Mhz FSB: CPU max at 3600Mhz! I am using 2.2V for memory and 5-5-5-15 the rest at auto
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  1. You really didn't provide enough data, however, if your RAM is DDR3, it is actually running at 1599MHz (which is likely since you are running a 400MHz FSB on a 775 socket mobo, with an E8400 or Q9650 CPU). If my guess is wrong, and your are using DDR2 RAM, then it's running 1066MHz. If you have not done so, download CPU-Z and install it - it will help you see the status of your major system components.
  2. 533MHz on memory is DDR1066. Are you wanting faster than that?
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