Gigabyte X58A/Noctua NH-D14 Issues?

I'm in the process of selecting and buying parts for a new i7 930 build. So far I've stuck with my favorite case, the HAF 932, Corsair Dominator 1600 RAM, and will go with either a Gigabyte UD5 or UD3R board.

I've read that people have had trouble using the Noctua cooler with the UD7 in that it won't fit over the RAM's heat spreaders, which I do not want to remove. I've also read that some extreme OCers have had much success orienting the Noctua to blow hot air up to the top of the case and installing fans on both the bottom and top of the case to assist in intake (from below) and exhaust (out the top). On the UD5 or UD3R, though, will the Noctua work in either front-back or bottom-top orientation?

Follow up question: My goal is to see how far I can push a 930. OTOH, I'm not buying super high-end RAM. The Dominators are the 6GB 8-8-8-24 @1600 version, not the GT other super high-end DIMMs. How much will that limit my overclockability? Does it do so enough that the new Prolimatechs with push-pull fans would be a better buy in terms of managing the interior space of the case vs. cooling performance? (I used the Megahalem on my last build in April 09 and have been happy with it.) I suppose my thought with this is why bother with the issues of the Noctua and potentially having to orient it top-bottom and buying a couple extra case fans if I can't overclock enough to get the benefit of the Noctua over the Prolimatech. My final consideration is that I value having a quiet box because it might wind up in my master bedroom in my new house, though it need not be totally silent.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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  1. Well, on Noctua's website, it says you'll need to remove the top blue part of the Dominator's heatspreaders, I'm not sure if that's limited to certain motherboards however. In terms of overclocking limit, not much if you set the FSB : DRAM ratio to 2:6, you'd probably hit a BCLK wall at around 220MHz.

    So far with my Megashadow I managed an unstable o/c of ~3.675GHz on stock voltage (it kept dropping to 1.188V while P95ing, lol), and on full load Prime 95 temperatures never exceeded 62°C or so. I'm supposing the Noctua is better than the Megahalems/Megashadow and would probably be able to push it further. (I think I used wayyyy too much GELID GC Extreme, lol, so if you do the paste right, you'll get better temperatures). Noctua fans are very quiet, so no concerns there.
  2. Thanks for the help. I did even more research and found that the Megahalems can actually beat the Noctua by a couple degrees celsius if you're willing to use a pair of 40dba Yate Loon fans in push-pull config, so I may go that route. Unfortunately, I have no idea how loud those two fans would be.
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