Autorun.inf, lpt3 and zhengbo folders cannot be deleted

in my hard drive, a folder named autorun.inf exists which contains folders named lpt3 and zhengbo. my problem is deleting them. whenever i connect a pendrive to the computer, they instantly acquire this folders and at the same time all of them cannot be deleted. please give me a solution.
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  1. You've got a virus. Get some antivirus software that recognizes it and can remove it. Don't enter any passwords while you have this infection, as they may be sent to China (guessing by the "zhengbo" name).
  2. your are infected by conflicker or w32.downadup virus, try to check this link, and disable the autorun in your computer, just google it how to disable the autorun, and if you shutdown your computer when you are not using it, then the settings of the virus is already save in your registry, please disable your system restore here how to before you scan your computer with the symantec removal tools
  3. - Open notepad and save the following script below, select save as file type : All Files, save name as Remove_fd.bat (do not includes "---") :lol:

    @echo off

    set drv=c:\

    attrib -A -H -S -R %drv%\autorun.inf
    del \\.\%drv%\autorun.inf\"lpt3.This folder was created by Flash_Disinfector"
    rd %drv%\autorun.inf

    ***remeber that you have to change c into your desire drives if you have more than one drive which autorun.inf created
    ***after you create this .bat file above, you can edit the drive letter by right click .bat file and then click edit
    ***it'll be good if you set it as hidden file and place to the drives that you need before you run it (set folder option to show hidden file too)

    Credited :
  4. i checked another website. i am quoting the answer, hope it helps-

    "Autorun.inf folder is created by a software known as "USB Disk Security" which contains a file named Zhengbo.
    It is not actually a virus but it is just a read only folder created by this software to save your computer from viruses which uses Autorun.inf to inject themselves into your harddisk.
    You can not remove Autorun.inf and Zhengbo using any anti-virus because these files are not actually viruses. Here is a step by step procedure to remove these files if you don't need them anymore.

    Delete Autorun.inf Folder And Zhengbo

    The only way to remove these files from your hard-disk is by again installing USB Disk Security and configure it to enable autorun on disk drives.

    1. If you haven't installed USB Disk Security then you may download the trial version, else proceed to step 2

    2. Run USB Disk Security and you will notice a small red icon in your system-tray

    3. Right click on this icon and choose Enable AUTORUN of USB

    4. This will remove those Autorun.inf folder and its contents automatically.

    5. Now you may un-install USB Disk Security again if you don't need it anymore

    Ur done!

    address of website is-
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