Oc on a amd p2 955 c3 125 watt

Ok Im knew to oc these new chips used to do it a lot on older amd chips. I have my 955 at 3.9 with vcore at 1.47 and ram at 1600 with 1.67 and timing 88824 hyper link at 1926. What im wondering is if this is a good oc for this chip or can it go more? whats the max i should push the vcore on this chip? Is there any way to bring up the hyper link i was thinking something like 2200. Parts i have are

p2 955 c3

g-skill tipe jaws 4 gig dual 88824 1.6 stock

asus crosshair iv 890fx

cooler master v8 cooler

antec 750 true power

2 wd blacks in raid 0

windows 7 pro 64 bit

I would like to hit 4 gig speed with hyper link at 2200 and ram at 1600 ram is rated at 1600 stock.

any help would be great.
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  1. The absolute max safe vCore is 1.5V. The only question I can answer sorry.
  2. i have 955 c3 @4.0ghz with 1.5v, any higher my temps would break the 62ºC barrier, so im fine with 4.0ghz that was my goal, i think with that cooler u can make it, i use the hyper N620.
    try your ram at stock settings first, when u get the goal speed in the CPU then you start tweaking your rams.
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