Will this tuner work for me>?

So ive been researching for a couple weeks and I think I have decided on getting the happauge 1800

I either plan on using media center or sagetv as software to record, I am not interested in using this card for watching tv, just to record and encode.
Here is my setup so far

q6600 @3.0
asus p5q pro
4gb ram

I live in ny and through cablevision i get normal sd channels and about 80 hd channels in the 700-780 channel range. I am planning on hooking up the cable to the tuner from a standard jack.

Do I need to run the cable from my dtv output jack to get the hd channels ?

I have vista x64 will this be a problem?

The reason I want this card is so that I can take advantage of the many hd channels i get, would anyone foresee a problem with me picking these channels up with the card?
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