my usb speed is slow compaired to others. i ve got usb 2.0 port. so can anyone solve me with the problem? i use windows 7 ultimate. core 2 quad Q9550, 4GB RAM.....
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    I'm guessing that the speed is of a flash drive? So long as you have usb 2.0, a flash drive's speed should depend mostly on the drive itself. For example, I just took some flash drives I had laying around and tested them. Copying a 128 MB zipped file, and timed with my watch over three runs (I only guarantee my numbers to +- 20%) here are the results.
    For a cheap axiom I was given by my college: 53 seconds, or 2.4 MB/S
    For a cheap crucial I bought: 38 seconds, or 3.4 MB/S
    For a nice Patriot Xporter of my brother's: 9 seconds, or 14 MB/S

    And all on the same netbook, running linux mint 8. So you see that it all depends on the drive you have.
  2. ^+1 to elel. What is it exactly that you have plugged in to your USB port? Flash memory drives are generally very slow compared to hard drives.
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  4. thank u elel. great help of yours.
  5. You're welcome :)
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