New memory now wont boot

Here's my spec's

Abit K9A Platinum
AMD 6400+ Black Ed
ATI Gigabyte 3870
Crucial Ballistix 2x 1Gb 6400
Tagan 750W PSU
Vista Ultimate 64bit

I've had it for just over a year now and everythings been ok with it, everything's still at stock speed and all i wanted to do was up the RAM to 4Gb as im on Vista. I had been running with 6gb (2gb crucial 4gb corsair), yeah probably not the best thing to do due to slight voltage differences but it was working fine. After removing it to test a friends RAM and later putting it all back together it wouldn't boot so after a day or two of no booting with just the corsair XMS2 2x 2Gb set it I sent it back to Ocuk to be replaced.
Ive just recieved it back and rather than mixing my RAM i took out my crucial and put in my corsair. Now it boots up to the point just before the Vista logo comes on and where it should load windows. It hangs there and won't go any further so i have to power it down. (wont even boot in safe mode, it just hangs when trying to load a certain file)

If i try changing the RAM timings to what it says it will run at 5-5-5-18 at 1.9v it won't even boot, no load screen, nothing. So now i'm stuck with my 2Gb of crucial on vista and 4Gb sat there gathering dust.

Something else i noticed was that when i tried changing the timings on my crucial set that runs fine on auto it wont even boot, so ive set that back to auto and works fine...

Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and knows how it can be fixed.


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  1. Try bumping the voltage to 1.95~2.0.
    If you are running more than 2 sticks, you may even have to go with 2.0~2.1.
  2. thanks for the fast reply will try this when i have a spare min today and post if it works :)
  3. Just been looking at the manufacturer's website for my motherboard and it says my ram is deffinately supported at 1.8v. It booted to just before the windows loading screen then holds. I then started upping the voltage one notch at a time but as soon as i changed it my computer wont even post. Could this be a motherboard problem?


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