I7-930 vs i7-920?

:bounce: This is a testament to the true power of the i7 chips with d0 stepping. I've built 2 systems over the past week. Both were able to exceed 3.8 ghz with completely stock voltages. However, it looks like the i7-930 has earned it's rightful spot as the best bang for the buck. I have mine overclocked to 4.1ghz...yes...4.1, on stock voltages. The idles temps are 40-43c, but after my arctic silver paste, thermal cleaner and purifier, and case fans arrive, my v8 should be able to get them down to mid to high thirties after a few good burn in sessions.

How high have you clocked your d0 stepped procs? Discuss pls.

I am aware that there is a sizable group of people in the overclocking community that think the i7-930 is either garbage for overclocking, or it's not as good as the 920. However, this test blew that notion out of the water. It's completely possible that intel has refined it's manufacturing. However, it is also possible that i received a 920 from an excellent batch, and a 930 from an ever better batch than the 920 could be considered.

Both rigs have this in common:

Coolermaster Scout
OCZ StealthXstream pro PSU
DVD Burner
6GB OCZ 1600mhz ram
1TB HDD @ 7200rpm (Hitachi)
Diamond 5850

The 930 has a cooler master v8, and my buddies 920 has the noctua nh u12. Other than that...the only differences are that he has the "low-voltage" ocz ram...however, they're both rated at 1.65v, and are running @ 1.5.
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  1. At this point, i'm too tired to continue. I shall decide whether to either undervolt, or push it farther....in my sleep.
  2. The 930 is nothing but a updated 920 starting at a different clock, that's all it is.
  3. Bit tech has published an interesting article about this matter:

  4. From all the review and comments I've read on the 930, it overclock like a charm.
  5. ^ my personal opinion is that if you are a rabid OCer then the 920 is better (cheaper)

    The chips you got hold of were both Brilliant!
    The 930 probably uses the Same physical chip as the 920 just factory clocked slightly higher
  6. I paid 15 more $ for a 930, so no I don't think the 920 is better for overcloacking. I've read some review that were surprised by the OC overclocking of the 930.
  7. It's pretty interesting that the chips perform quite differently overclocked though (mainly the fact that since they're the same chips and don't have the same overclockability). Yes, they're are indeed both beautiful tho.
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