PALIT GeForce 9500 GT Super+ 1GB DVI/CRT NE29500TF0801

I need help in my Video Card it has a default Core Clock of 450ghz i need to know if it is okay to overclock this to 550ghz and link its shader.. my resolution is 1024x768 (32bit), CPU Intel Pentium D( dnt know what Pentium D type this is), 2gb ram.. anybody can help me?
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  1. Why don't you try it? Overclock it then play a game. If it stops and/or crashes, then probably you can't.....

    This is because not all video cards, even the same models, are created equal.....
  2. Yes you can i have palit geforce 9500gt 1gb it s same as yours and i overlocked it core clokc to 615mhz memory clock to 530 mhz and it works
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