Comptur typing and noice own its own

It will type things like this `5/6 65 then all over again all on its own, it also makes like a pinging noice. Any help? I have to use this laptop for school
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  1. Remove and clean out the keyboard.
  2. This is a laptop did not know that you could remove the keyboard?
  3. tnblonde64 said:
    This is a laptop did not know that you could remove the keyboard?

    Turn it over, on the bottom you will see some screws, they are usually marked with symbols. Look for the ones with a keyboard symbol, take them out (with the laptop off and the battery out). Flip over the laptop again, open the screen. There may be some sort of tabs you need to click over to release the keyboard. Take it out of the case, shake it out, blow some compressed air between the keys, re-seat it to the connections. You may need to replace it to fix it. Note you can test it without putting everything back together, just plug in the keyboard connections to the motherboard, turn on the laptop, and try it. If it's good, shut it off, screw the screws back in, and you're set.

    You may want to find a friend that did this before to help. It's not too hard, but can be a bit scary the first time as the connectors and clips are pretty delicate and can be broken if you apply force to them to get the free. Check online for a manual of some sort also from the vendor.
  4. Thank you I will try that
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