Easy way to copy/merge folders in Windows 7-two external drives

I have two external hard drives..both 1 GB. One is the "primary" external drive. The other is the backup. I want to be able to back up the folder with my music in it without dragging the ENTIRE folder over to the second hard drive-the folder is rather large-roughly 280 GB. Most of the files are backed up on the second hard drive already but there is about 20 GB which is not already on the backup. I am not sure which files are there..I want the program to check which files are there..and which files are not there..and then copy them accordingly.

Is there a program that will do this for me? I am willing to pay a reasonable price for such a program if it can do it without any headaches. I hate having to "think" about backing things up.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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  1. If you want to copy the files into the same folder they'd be in on the target disk, the easiest way to do it is to select all of them and drag them over. When the system goes to copy the first file that already exists on the target drive it will prompt you to choose whether you want to replace the existing files or to skip over them. Just choose the option to skip this and all the other duplicates.
  2. I have tried to do that-it just starts copying all of the files. Not sure why-when I am transferring smaller folders, I did have that option. I think the large size of the folder does not allow me to do that. It is close to 300 GB.

    Is there something I can use that would be able to do this?
    I would even be willing to pay for such a program if it could do it in one click.
  3. google "robocopy"
  4. Quote:
    I have tried to do that-it just starts copying all of the files.
    It's probably just started copying the files that don't exist in the target folder yet - when it gets to a duplicate it will stop and ask. You can confirm this by opening up a window to the target directory and seeing the new files being created there.
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