10v or Corsair CWCH50-1 Cooling Hydro Series?

10v or Corsair CWCH50-1 Cooling Hydro Series?

for am3/955

case: cooler master scout

psu:700w cm sp

gpu 5770x2

4gb ram/maybe Kingston 2gb Ddr3 1600mhz Hyperx Memory Cl9(9-9-9-27)
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  1. Robin,

    Are you looking to water cool the system or air cool?

    If you are looking to water cool your system you can do much better than the H50. But you need to be willing to spend at least $240 (for Swiftech H20-220-APEX ULTIMA CPU Liquid Cooling Kit w/ Apogee XT) for a decent water cooling rig. But I recommend you read the following link before you jump into water cooling as it will give you alot of information and allow you to make a much more educated decision. Here is the link: New to watercooling? READ HERE FIRST!

    If you want to go with air cooling check out this link, and it will point you in the right direction fir a good air cooler.

  2. the problem is i dont want to spend a lot of time cleaning the watercoolings as i spend too much time just cleaning my mtb bike, i have a cm scout so i dont think that type of cooling can be used :( but thanks for the air links (only 2 i can get in uk but its a big help :) )
  3. You can also check out the following link as they are in the UK they can get you what you need: OverClockers UK

    BTW water cooling is fiarly easy to setup, and as long as you don't have a leak you should not need to worry about cleaning it very often. Unlike a mountain bike. which needs to be cleaned after every time you ride it off-road like I do.

  4. lol mountain bikes are a pain when it come to cleaning,with water cooling dont you have to clean it out every 4weeks? also how would i fit one on the case?
  5. Nah at most you need to flush it every 6 months. That is unless you get some kind of growth (algae or bacteria) inside it. But even that can be removed from the equation by putting either a silver killcoil in the res or biocide in the coolant.

    Heck I know a guy who has not flushed out his loop in over 2 years (against my ranting at him about it). And it looks as good today as it did when he set it up. But he built a fairly well sealed loop, and he is only using distilled water with biocide for his coolant. His temps are still within 3C of ambient air temps. All he does is every few weeks clean the dust out of his case with compressed air, and check his fluid levels. The only thing that is unique about his loop is that he has a reservoir with a UV light in the middle of it to kill any possible nasties that the biocide does not kill.

  6. havent opened up my loop to clean it out for a few months now?? every 4 weeks is a bit much
  7. None.

    You can get a better performance with the NH-D14 or Thermalright Venomous X. The H50 is a crap, even against the Hyper 212+ isn't the winner.
  8. Yea from some of your other posts, OP, it looks like you're just picking "good" parts at random then coming here asking if it's ok. IMO do more research, read up on benchmarks and reviews of all the components. Watercooling is pretty extreme for the average user and most people will find it a waste - not to mention in some cases it'll void warranties. Unless you've done your research on it, just go with air cooling as it is very adequete for fairly aggressive overclocking. You'll save money and like saint19 points out, get better results than those packaged systems.
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