Limited Lan Speeds

I have My main computer in the living room, and 2 computers in a spare bedroom.
There is a hub next to my main computer, which is directly connected to modem
I have a cat-5e cable from my hub, leading to my second bedroom and another hub. this hub has cables leading to my 2 other pc's.
Both hubs are 100 meg hubs, but for some reason when copying from one computer to another i only get 10mbps speeds. can anyone help me solve this problem??
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  1. Sounds like you just described 3 pc if I follow your statement correctly but its kind of besides the point.

    Depending on how much activity the hubs are seeing can explain the degraded speed in bandwidth. Hubs arent the best managers of bandwidth, so this could explain your low speeds.

    How are you measuring you transfer speeds?
    are the hubs capable of 100Base-T?

    Also dont forget its 100 megaBITS...not 100 mega Bytes which translates differently
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