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hi! i've got a P5Q SE and i'm actually using windows 32bit but the point is that my pc freezes at any moment in time. Is there a problem withe the motherboard or windows?? does the motherboard support windows 32?

Help me plz

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  1. you should tell us more about you're system component
    Graphic Card
    Hard Driver

    either way this should not relate to 32 bit or 64
    most freezes for the OS comes from the heat issue (CPU)
    check you CPU Fan , it maybe not mounted correctly
    , and watch you're temperatures in the Bios
    , other reasons could be a faulty Ram,you can check it by running memtest86+
    , other reason could be a weak power supply which cant deliver enough power to the component,
    and the last 2 thing it could
    you're driver or you're Hard Driver
    like the seagate 1 tb driver
  2. I've got an Asus P5Q SE motherboard
    Quad core Q8200 PROCESSOR
    4GB RAM
    250GB HDD
    NVIDIA Geforce 8400 512Mb

    Its a new pc, do you think the RAM is faulty of the fan? Say i start the pc now, it can freeze at any moment, 5minutes after the boot or 5hr later...I'm really confused about this. Can you please explain me how to run the mem test, please?? I went to the page but got frightened with all these "alien kind"language!

    Thx 4helping dear!
  3. It is a new build pc. I tried two versions of Xp 32 but both of them went down.
    System Specs:

    Motherboard : P5Q SE
    Graphic: Nvidia 8400 512Mb
    Hard disc: 250Gb
    RAM: 4GB

    CPU temperature?? memtest??..I think you'll have to guide me through these processes! I need your help for this.

    Thx 4helping me:)
  4. ok i will do the job for you

    to check the Ram with memtest
    this is a direct download for a floppy disk version
    extract the zip file double click the install.bat file while you floppy disk is in
    the program will make ur floppy bootable
    it will be good if you read what is written her
    , ok
    for the Temp u should enter you bios by pressing F1 or delet or maybe F2 not sure
    you system temperature should be somewhere in hardware information place
    or health ,
    read you're manual man !.
    if the CPU temps are over 80 90C then this should be the problem
    maybe you have a Bad sector in you're Hard Drive which causing the Freeze
    try to make a schedule a scan disk after reboot and look what the report will say when it finish ,if it does report that there is XXX kB or MB of Bad Sector
    then it will be you're Hard Drive

    if you didn't any successful step
    send me a private msg if u want :)
  5. I've checked the CPU temp: 37C and I've ran the scan and there was no report. I guess the Hard drive is fine then. Now I'll run the memtest to be sure.

    What Pc are you using? I' desperate!...
  6. don't be desperate :)
    think positively ,
    you are in progress to find the problem
    (find the problem is considered the half way for the solution )

    so temps are ok
    so skip it
    another thing i a want you to check is you Power Supply
    if you look at it you will find a list of voltage
    and amps
    v3.3 = 40A , v5 = 30A , v12+= 36A,
    something like that and a total wattage like 400w 500w
    . tell me what is you're Hard Drive Type
    and size
    ,, another thing you can do
    reinstall you're driver
    ,,and tell me what happen with you
    i will be waiting for you :)
  7. hmm.since the pc is new I can't open it but right from the outside , I can read 230Volts. The hard drive's size is 250Gb and is of SATA type. One new thing I've noticed why the it freezes is...each time I play a video or music files it freezes 15min later. But if I don't play any video or music file, it goes fine all the way. That's another thing to solve, hu?! What a complex invention it is! :)

    I'm really grateful to you for helping me dear, thx a lot:)
  8. Correcttion: It does freeze even if I don't play any video or music file.:(
  9. What is the exact memory specs?
    It is possible that the voltage settings are incorrect and will cause these problems.
    Please list the name and model number of your memory.
    Most times the recommended voltage can be found on a decal on the side of the memory or on the packaging if you still have it.
  10. Juanitolenfant said:
    Correcttion: It does freeze even if I don't play any video or music file.:(

    It's important for you to tell us how you got this machine.

    SInce you can't open the computer, is this a store bought or online purchase, or did someone build it for you? If it's a commercial purchase you need to stick to a software solution for the moment. Was it shipped with the os? Did this problem occur right out of the box?

    Try downloading the latest Nvidia drivers for your card. After you've downloaded, be sure to uninstall the old drivers first before installing the new ones.

    Did your computer come with the Asus software and utilities disk?

    If the video drivers are not the issue then disable or uninstall the Asus EPU-6 and AI software ( if installed) and reboot. There are some known issues.

    You may also have a memory capability issue. But again that depends where you got the machine
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