Surely corrupted usb mouse driver?

Ok so I turned my computer on from the off position, it booted up to where you pick witch user you want to work under. The mouse that worked up to this point now dose not move. I though it my be the batteries (wireless mouse) never helped. I changed to a wired optical never help, and finally changed to a wired mouse that I use for my lap top, never helped.

First can anyone help? Second can anyone tell me how I get passed the user screen with the key board, I'm not sure it works but I can't get passed the user screen, so I can't get in to see if it a usb port problem or a driver etc.
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  1. Try booting in Safe Mode.
  2. hang-the-9 said:
    Try booting in Safe Mode.

    I can't use my mouse or my key board. Is booting in safe mode possible?
  3. darrel4061 said:
    I can't use my mouse or my key board. Is booting in safe mode possible?

    When do they stop working? Can you hit it to get to the BIOS menu and navigate in there? You can try to reset the BIOS (unplug the PC, take out the CMOS battery or move the "reset" jumper on the motherboard), that fixes USB issues quite often in my experience. Tried several ports?
  4. No. They do not work at all, at any time.
  5. All ports unresponsive.
  6. If the USB ports don't work even in the BIOS screens, nor after a BIOS reset, you have a motherboard issue.
  7. Not what I wanted to hear, but thanks.
  8. You tried a different mouse and keyboard also?
  9. Yes I did, nothing works!
  10. I guess you can have one last try to see if the USB ports are all dead. Get a USB boot device that you know works (Linux on a flash drive or something), see if the PC will boot to it. Since you have no keyboard control, this will only work if your USB is set to boot before your hard-drive though.
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