New motherboard for E2140 and 4830

This is getting out of hands. All the time I come up with ideas why to buy new parts for my PC. Now it's the mobo's time.

My current motherboard is ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 and there are two porblems with this board. System keeps crashing when stressed in a certain way, which I think is because of issues with Asus EAH4830. And I can't get E2140 past 2.05 GHz.

I have:
- Intel E2140
- Asus Radeon HD4830 512 Mb
- 2x Kingston 1024MB 667MHZ DDR2 NON-ECC DIMM
- Corsair HX550W
- Western Digital Caviar Se 160GB 7200 SATA II 160Gb
- Creative SB Live! Value

So I want a new LGA775 mobo, with decent overclocking abilities, price around 80 euros (105 $). And of course there should be PCI-e 16x, 4-8 USB 2.0 ports etc. Some day I will buy a quadcore and crossfire isn't an excluded option either. How about these:

Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L
MSI P45 NEO-F Intel P45
Asus P5Q Intel P45 (this is a bit more expensive, but is it good?)

What is your suggestion?
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  1. I may have mis read you, but you want Crossfire as an option correct?

    I have GA EP45-UD3P, works well and the reviews of this board are very good. Asus P5Q Pro is also another good option.
  2. Crossfire isn't obligatory. It's just an option that would be nice, since I'm not sure whether I will buy another GPU or not. Crossfire supported mobos seem to be over 100 e, so... well 100 e isn't too much if I get a goob board.

    Any suggestions? I'm so lost in this jungle. What should I look for in motherboards?
  3. Well the Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L is a very good board...It doesn't support crossfire as you would have noticed...but it is a very good stable board and you can overclock the E2180 comparatively higher than the 2.05GHz...
    And don't invest too much money in a LGA 775 mobo as intel most probably would discontinue the 775 by this September...
    So better off buying solid mobo like the P43 from Gigabyte or ASUS...
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