Which CPU is capable of transcoding 1080P content flawlessly?

Basically, I'm trying to figure out which processor I should choose in order to serve content to my PS3 via this soon-to-be-built computer. A lot of the content I'll be serving is mkv files or mpeg2/4 files, we're talking 1920x1080 stuff, uncompressed from its original format.

I can do this somewhat successfully via my laptop's T8300 processor, though in the program I use to stream content to the PS3, which also tells which codec to transcode which file, I need to turn down the quality settings in order for my processor to handle the workload.

The program author's readme notes state that he uses a C2D E6750, though in the spirit of cheapness I'd like to spend only 30-50% of what the author's $250 processor costs.

I'm running into difficulty figuring out which benchmarks I should be paying attention to, not to mention if any of them are really applicable for what I'm looking to do with the machine. It should be emphasized that this isn't a multi-purpose system I'm looking to build - it's got one purpose and one purpose only, to stream media of all types from a computer to a PS3. For reasons I don't want to spend time discussing I'll just say that I don't want a popcorn hour instead, nor do I care about just running an HDMI-out from the motherboard to my TV instead of using my PS3. I know *what* I'd like to do exactly, but I don't know the level of CPU hardware I need to be looking at in order to do it.

Oh, and this'll be a headless unit, so no GPU considerations are necessary.

Thanks very much!
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  1. a intel E5200 would work fine. For the media stream it will depend more on you network connection than anything else.
  2. caniba said:
    a intel E5200 would work fine. For the media stream it will depend more on you network connection than anything else.

    Thank you for the reply!

    I currently have the PS3 on a wired connection with the router, and I've found that my old P4 Prescott 3.2ghz desktop isn't beefy enough to handle the 1080p content even while it's wired to the router. I'll be connecting my laptop to my router tonight with a cable to see how much of a difference it makes with both ends of the chain wired to the router.

    Anyone else have thoughts on the matter?
  3. caniba said:
    " For the media stream it will depend more on you network connection than anything else."

    If hes using LAN (even 100), his network speed will NEVER be an issue even with HD media. However, many of the decent modern video formats have to be transcoded in order to be played on a PS3. Transcoding a HD MKV file is VERY processor intensive. I run a intel dual core celeron with 1gb ram on my pc that transcodes/serves files to my ps3, and for most everything, even 720 and 1080 )depending on format) it works flawlessly. However some huge HD mkvs I have will NEVER transcode fast enough on my system, it just cant keep up (the processor hovers around 90% or higher usage). I'm not even sure if adding ram will give it the gonads it needs to keep up..

    Here's another thought. There's something called a Patriot Box Office. $99usd. Nothing needs to be transcoded to it, it does it all on its own. It can read files directly over your network, NOT requiring media server software running on ANY pc, it can also have a laptop HD installed inside of it! Again, you want LAN, as wifi is not fast enough. But if you have files on a pc, share the folder, plug a patriot box into your lan and tv, and enjoy. that simple. I know i sound like a freaking salesman, but I use my ps3 to watch things only in one room. when I can afford another patriot box I will stop using my ps3 for watching things, and I will not waste a pc strictly for transcoding anything. or run any media serving software.
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