Which motherboard for the i7?

Hey guys and girls.

I've recently purchased a i7 920 (cheap offer) and now I've got an issue at picking a mobo. I've been looking at following:

Asrock X58 SuperComputer
Gigabyte GA-EX58-EXTREME
Asus Rampage II Extreme

I've read some reviews of them all and all of them got there advantages and disadvantages. I actually already ordered the EVGA but got some doubts and wanted a 2nd opinion. So if anyone has some experience with the mobos and maybe could recommend me one it would be nice. Ohh and I'm going to OC the i7 a bit, just for info.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards
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  1. i'll go for EVGA x58 SLI.. the board is good, and their support center is even better..
    never had an experience with asrock..
    gigabyte extreme cost more than EVGA because of their cooling system. Rampage also more expensive and no better than EVGA..
  2. I have the EVGA board and love it. I hated the Gigabyte instruction manual (DS3 board). EVGA's manual is the best and their support group is fantastic ( I should know, I've been emailing them :) Make sure you check what RAM works with the board. I have 6GB (3x2) ddr3-1600 GSKILL RAM and it shows as 1066 not 1600 (this is my present project lol). The post code reader on the corner of the mobo, the temp reader (shows my cpu temp is 21 degrees C), and the nice look of it makes me happy I got it. Only 1 issue: One x16 PCIe slot is near the PCIe x1 slot, so the video card will block that slot. I have my sound card in the PCIe x4 slot though and the mobo had no trouble finding it.
  3. Hey again,

    Thanks for the replies but I changed my mind last second and picked the Asus Rampage II Extreme instead. The 30 bucks didn't make that big a difference.
  4. as you wish.
    hope you enjoy your board.
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