GeForce 8800 GT scrambled and on acid?

Okay my girlfriend's card (GeForce 8800 GT) is going nuts.

What its doing:
When running programs such as World of Warcraft or Second Life the graphics scramble badly; colors go wrong, things come out wrong, icons and graphics are mixed up, and text is illegible boxy blobs some things are hardly recognizable.

I would think something wrong with 3D rendering.....but

If you delete something or when her weather monitor program pulls up small red pixels form along the animations which as far as I know at least the standard windows delete animation is probably just a .gif

She is worried she overheated running a lot of graphic programs, but I have a similar card just a bit newer and abuse the heck out of it tabbing between things.

Now IMVU (simpler program comparable to second life though less intense) loads just fine as do 2D graphic editors that are fairly big memory hogs (stuff like photoshop) does just fine.

Photoshop etc leads me to think its not system memory as large quality pictures eat RAM. IMVU uses OpenGL same as Second Life, granted with less detail, so can't be that.

What we have tried:
Checked to see if it was loose as its a big card, but its in there okay.

Blown out the dust.

Disk Error Checked and Defragged and CleanUp.

Restarted/Shutdown for an hour to make sure it wasn't just overused/hot.

Increased Virtual Memory.

Reset to minimal settings including turning off features like anti-alias, antisotrophic, and even tried changing Hertz to see if that wasn't matched up.

Re-installed the programs like Second Life.

Uninstalled/Reinstalled the driver in both normal and safe mode.

Uninstalled/Reinstalled the card itself.

Possible Cause?
Now all this seems to be taking place suspiciously after a driver update/update failure 2 days ago. Both drivers were on the system since the old one didn't uninstall properly. But now with just the new one its still bugging out.

We tried a rollback of the driver in normal mode but it failed since the new driver was the only one still on the computer to use.

Since the card was uninstalled and reinstalled the old driver from before the issues was gone so it used the new one. (Not even sure where to get the old one anymore.)

So I'm stumped beyond belief. I want to say its a driver issue, but even if it is I've got no clue how to get the old driver from about a year ago when the card was new.

Thanks for any help I'm lost.
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  1. overheating, modern graphics cards handle 2d and 3d differently, i imagine the 3d part of the graphics card is broken and needs to be replaced... how old is it? you may be able to RMA and get a new one.

    if just the 3d processor is broken the 2d images such as the desktop/photoshop etc will run fine.
  2. Its about a year old.

    But IMVU is working and thats a 3D OpenGL program. Its less graphic intense generally than something like WoW or SL, but it is 3D.

    We tried tuning down the graphics of the 3D programs in question and no luck still scrambled, but its not just scrambled everything is wrong not just poor. Objects are in the wrong places or the wrong graphics applied to the wrong places like a monsters face took the place of a map icon things like that.
  3. your 8800GT is Artifacting. it happens when the Ram on the video card is bad. if you lower your memory clock settings it might go away. it might not. i would RMA your card.

    Something it can be the gpu/mem overheated and started the Artifacting. because once the Artifacting starts the only thing you can do it RMA the card.

    Also are you using the newest Nvidia Drivers?

    Is your card Bfg Tech/Evga/Xfx/Asus/Msi
  4. Not sure on the manufacturer of the card but I want to say Gigabyte think it might says EVGA on the card hard to tell was using a mirror.

    Yes the newest driver is on fact the problem didn't start until the newest driver was installed.

    That's why I'm wondering if maybe I should go get an archive driver and try it since this happened the day after installing the newest one.

    But I don't want to complicate the problem more by fudging with drivers if there is no chance its the driver.

    Would it be worth it or safe to swap out our cards on our computers and see it does the same for me? or try an old driver off nvidia's archives as well?
  5. if yours has differnt drivers then yeah. or if it has the same driver it might or might not cause problems. but when you where the item and the colors are messed up. its the Gpu or the Memory that is Artifacting and giving you them color displacements and objects out of place. then thing you could try it. lowering your memory about 100-200 mhz or so.
    and see if it still does it. if it does it a little but not to much. then its the ram Artifacting. (because ram on a video card makes the color and images and that I belive) also after you try that if not also lower the gpu about 100mhz or so. and download a program to montior your gpu temps. and if its to high
  6. What did you just say?
  7. take it out and clean it, well.
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