TRYING to overclock AMD 965 to 4.0 GHz, but fail. Help?

Hey everyone, I just picked up an AMD 965 proc, and am trying to get it stable @ 4.0GHz. I've had it stable @ 4.0GHz for 3 hours with Prime95, but then stop the test to do something. I haven't been around to doing a 24 hour test, but I do plan to once i get this problem solved: EVERY time my computer goes to a screen saver (every 10 min), and then i try to "wake it" and try to log back in, It Blue screens. I don't actually SEE the BSOD, but the screen goes black once i move the mouse, and then the PC restarts a few seconds later. I log back in, and read the "windows shutdown unexpectedly" or what ever and read the details. It says it BSOD. I have NO idea why it does this because i've tested it for so long and it still is stable, THEN, after restarting Prime95 to do some more stress testing, I leave to take care of some person matters. I come back about 15 minutes later, see the screensaver, move the mouse, and then it does its whole ordeal of BSODing, then restarting with just a black screen.

It has done this multiple times...

Can anyone please help me? :(


-Antec 1200 with fans in medium.
-AMD 965 BE @ 4.02 GHz (201x20) Bios says CPU voltage is @ 1.59XXX but my MOBO has a droop or what ever, and when its on a load, the voltage reads 1.48-1.520 in CPU-Z.
-ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO (latest BIOS)
-G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2GB DDR3 @ 1608MHz with timings of 9-9-9-24 and 1.5 voltage (all manually set in BIOS)
-Sunbeam 750w 80+ bronze PSU
-XFX Radeon HD 5870 XXX Edition
-Zalman 9900LED Heatsink

CPU temps: 39c idle, 55.5c-56c load. (Little hot I guess cause of the voltage... )

And for those wondering why my CPU is at 201x20 instead of 200x20, is because I like to have BARELY over 4.0GHz. So that it NEVER goes to 3.99999 ;P (I know, dumb excuse to do it.)

If ANYONE has any idea, or any advice, please help me. :(
Any ideas to try, or any specs such as voltage adjustments, timings, frequency settings, multipliers, or ANYTHING, Please share. I beg of you :3

Thanks everyone in advanced for your help :) - Jesse S.
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  1. 1.59v is too much. Your CPU will fry if you run that voltage daily. Not all C3's are gaurunteed to hit 4ghz, that must be understood.

    I have experienced the same problems with screen saver reboots. I shut off my screen saver and it hasn't been an issue since. My computer is never on when i am not on it.
  2. Ya bro most def get that zoltage down! It is waaay to high. if you have to go into bios and switch your mobo voltage from auto to manual and set it yourself. I can almost promise you the cpu is getting too hot from way too much voltage. 39 idle is pretty warm and 60 is the thermal limit for the cpu. If you r getting to 56 after only 15 minutes imagine what it is when you walk away for awhile. Mine will go to 4ghz on 1.83 volts.
  3. bigj1985 said:
    Mine will go to 4ghz on 1.83 volts.

    I am assuming you keyed an 8 where you meant to put a 5?
  4. :lol: Nice catch u r absolutely correct. woopsy. LOl. Way to give a guy advice I hope he didnt set his house on fire.
    JofaMang said:
    I am assuming you keyed an 8 where you meant to put a 5?
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