Do I need to re-apply thermal paste?

I got my heatsink installed on my 955 BE today and lifted it back up off the processor after it had already touched it and gotten the thermal paste on the surface of it. Should I remove the paste currently on it and put some new arctic silver on there since the bond was broken for about 5 seconds or should I let it break in and wait it out? It's an arctic freezer pro 64 and at idle it's at about 38-41 degrees celcius and when I run Prime95 it gets up to 60ish within about 15 minutes. This is with cool-n-quiet off, and smart fan off as well. The fan is averaging around 2200-2250RPM. Any opinions are greatly appreciated!
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  1. If you lifted it off sort of same time you were installing it and didnt get anything on the chip or Hs I reckon youll be ok, remember that paste has a curing time, takes a while to get to optimum efficiency, if your clocking which I assume you are keep c&q off, temps look ok to me :)
  2. I recall reading on Toms that C&q messes/gets messed up once you start clocking it up, * found one link discussing it*
    I'd say better to try and avoid the instability if your going to clock, up to the Op in the end though, its his risk :P
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    Thats about normal temps. I wouldn't say add new thermal paste just yet.
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