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Hi, I am going to be building a computer for my sister, she has an older hp laptop that she is using now that just is going out. But she does not need anything major, she just needs a dependable computer that she can use for music and her putting her photos on and some web browsing. She does not really need a graphics card at this time, but i would like to put one in there, just in case, i am trying to keep it as cheap as possible, but just want a dependable card that will get the job done with no hiccups. I am kinda going off of the $625 budget build on toms hardware. but just down grading some options. Do you guys have any suggestions for video cards that are cheap but still not going to fry out on me?

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  1. depends on how cheap you consider cheap. For my own use I thought the 4870 was a bargain, when building a rig for my 5 year old daughter I considered a x1650pro to be ample.
  2. Under $70
  3. Id look at the 4650 for that money I think.
  4. Stick to onboard unless you/she might want to watch movies, in which case the HD4550/3450 are both HDCP enabled and cheap as chips.
  5. If shes looking for dependability Id recommend going for better motherboards than the type that have on board graphics... Mother boards aimed at the budget market are infamous for using poor quality components, which doesnt help either longevity or stability.

    Even at work for computers which only ever see databases word processors and spreadsheets I dont go for onboards graphics as the motherboards that come with that are more trouble than their worth, but then Im the guy who gets it in the neck if a systems unreliable.

    Motherboards and powersupplies are two areas often skimped on to the detriment of stability and longevity in budget systems.
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