Clocking a celeron d 345 on a msi pm8m-v

i was wondering if someone could give me some advice on speeding up my old system that i wish to use for a server/media pc. its a msi pm8m-v MB, with a celeron d 345 3.06ghz 256kb cache CPU, 1.5gb pc3200 ddr 400mhz cl3 RAM, and a nvidia geforce 6800 256 gddr3 agp8x GPU. Can i overclock anything or adjust bios settings (now default) i have been searching but a couple attempts led to no boot requiring a cmos clearing. System runs relatively cool at 52C. also i will be upgrading the 512 stick to 1024 to run the max 2gb the MB can support. Thanks in advance
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  1. The memory upgrade will improve performance. Do this first.

    I am not trying to discourage you, but with a celeron your possibilities are limited, and usually the computer manufacturer prevents users from making CPU enhancements.
  2. i was under the impression that it could be feasible to get speeds of 3.4 by increasing voltage, is that true?
    i have ordered another stick of ram which will be the max 2 gb still looking for ways to increase the power so im able to continue using system for now. any ideas appreciated
  3. fyi already have aftermarket copper tube fan cooler too
  4. Voltage increases must be done with caution, and that too not exceeding manufacturer's recommendations.

    Better performance can be obtained bu CPU overclocking than by increasing the RAM voltage. Lots of guides on this site.
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