How to delete corrupted data?

My 120 GB portable drive has some corrupted files that I can't delete and make it so that I cannot write anything beyond ~25 GB capacity.
How do I wipe the drive or delete the corrupted data?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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  1. format it!
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    What he said/\, Disk management(Right click my computer -> Manage then use disk management) will allow you an easy way to format the drive. I recommend NOT doing a QUICK FORMAT as a full format will also test the drive to make sure it is at least in decent working order. note that FORMAT will ERASE ALL FILES!

    Unlocker can also delete things on XP and maybe Vista/7 32 bit. I am not sure if 64-bit is yet added

    Malwarebytes also has a tool called File Assassin that can delete locked/corrupt files.

    Hope this helps
  3. the best option is to delete it on the partition screen in xp installation......
    1>connect ur hardrive via usb
    2>insert xp cd and let it run till the blue partion screen appears
    3>u hardrive will appear on the partion screen......delete it completely,,then create a drive this 2-3 times and ur hdd is all clean..........
  4. Thanks a bunch, guys!
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