Problem booting up.. not sure if it's video card

When I turn the power on I hear the hard drive running like usual. It's hard to determine by sound because my computer is very quiet.

Last week it happened once where I turned it on and nothing displayed on the screen, like the monitor wasn't connected via cable. I rebooted, everything was fun.

Fast forward to today. I turn it on, same thing as last week, except no matter how many times I reboot it the screen still shows like nothing is plugged in to the monitor.

I have an 8800GT that is about 18 months old. I do not have another video card to put in to test it and I don't want to spend the money on it unless I know that's the problem.

Any other tests I can do to see what the problem is?
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  1. Do you hear the single POST beep or is the system silent?
    Without more information, right now I`d suspect a power supply problem.
    Remove the side panel of your case and, looking inside, try to boot the system. All the fans working? can you hear the HD spin up?
  2. The lights come on and the hard drive starts up. It's definitely getting power.
  3. Ok, try removing and reseating the card, and all the wiring connectors too.
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