Will AMD Opteron 1356 Budapest 2.3GHz work for me?

I have a Shuttle XPC SN68SG2, which has socked AM2, I am currently using a Athlon x2 5200+ Brisbane. I was wondering should I update to a AMD Opteron 1356 Budapest 2.3GHz.
Will there be any obvious improvement? I am not a gamer, just a casual user, multimedia, and etc.
Also since Shuttle website didn't list this CPU in it's support list, even though the socked match, I am not 100% sure it will work with Shuttle's mother board.

Any suggestions? thanks.
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  1. http://global.shuttle.com/support_list03.jsp?PI=647 doesn't list any quad-cores so it's possible it may not work.

    All I can tell you is that in my exprerience most AM2 CPUs do work in most AM2 motherboards, even if it's not on the list, it generally only affects the CPU name it displays when booting. Main thing is the wattage (in your case stay below 89W).
  2. Thanks!
    But do you think it is a worthy update in term of performance? from 5200+ 2.7 to this Quad Core 2.3?
  3. it will only really be noticable if you run multiple cpu hungry apps at the same time.

    opteron's are geared for number crunching, desktop apps not so much.

    you might actually see some single threaded apps perform worse due to the lower frequency of the chip.

    really depends on what you use the machine for.
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