Where are they?!?!?!?!?

Hey again guys, this is driving me nuts! I cant find 2 files! they were on my desktop and backed up on an external drive! they are 2 text documents. 1 song i have written and 1 short story i am writing for a book! both have vanished! i cant find them anywhere, i have used winundelete and magic undelete to see if i can find them, nothing, i have changed control panel folder views, nothing. This is really really buggin the hell out of me now! can anyone think of anything that may help me?
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  1. Are they TXT or RFT files? If you didn't delete and none of your utilities can find them, then you may have named in an odd fashion (by mistake) and simply can't find them. Also, do you have more than one user profile on your system? Is it possible you saved under another profile? Last, is there any chance you stored on removable media? Good luck!
  2. thanks for the suggestions dude, i auto saved them using open office. I have searched for them under every different file extension now and nothing. This is so weird, i have found files i deleted around 3 years ago that were copied from other hard drives but i cant find these that have been moved like 2-4 weeks ago, not sure exactly when! this is driving me insane
  3. Sorry, I am out of ideas at this point. Do you have any disk corruption issues on this system?
  4. no none at all mate, there was a bad sector on my 4th hard drive, but the files werent on there or backed up on there. That drive is just a backup slave drive anyway. No worries mate, thank you for your suggestions
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